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1999 CBS Toy Test Under Way

If you love to play video and computer games, then the Pacific Science Center in Seattle is the place to be now through Sunday, Aug. 15.

CBS News Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum hosts the 1999 Toy Test for CBS News by kid-testing this year's crop of digital diversion.

Young players from 7 years up will have a chance to check out the latest computer games and test-drive dozens of video games from Sony, Sega and Nintendo including the new Sega Dreamcast system. That system won't even be on the market until this fall.

After playing, the kids take a quick survey and rate the games, so we can tell other kids all across the country - and their parents and grandparents - which ones are the coolest.

Here are some of titles scheduled for testing the week of Aug. 9, week 3 of the Toy Test:

For the Nintendo 64: Star Wars: Donky Kong 64, Rayman 2, Monster Truck madness 64, Destruction Derby 64

For the Sega Dreamcast: Centipede, Monaco Grand Prix, Hydro Thunder, Airforce Delta

For the Sony Playstation: Gran Turismo, Lego Racers, Wipeout 3, Final Fantasy VIII

For the computer: NBA Live, Space Invaders, Baseball 2000, Rubik's Games & Tarzan Action Game

Weisbaum will reveal the results of the game tests during the week of November 15 as part of a 1999 Toy Test series on The Early Show, the new CBS News morning broadcast debuting this fall.

Family PC magazine will publish the game results in its holiday buying issue.

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