178 kids rescued in China human trafficking bust

Playing cards showing details of missing children are displayed on March 31, 2007 in Beijing, China. The cards showing photographs and information of 27 missing children were created by Shen Hao, the founder of missing persons website, 'www.xrqs.com'. Shen Hao plans to hand out them free to the public security departments, civil affairs bureaus and residents, in areas notorious for child trafficking. 38-year-old Shen, a resident in Chuzhou of central China's Anhui Province, set up the website in 2001 and later founded a network of volunteers dedicated to finding missing people. Shen is regarded as one of the 'Top Ten Volunteers in Anhui Province' for his efforts in tracing missing people, according to state media.
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BEIJING - Chinese police arrested 608 suspects and rescued 178 children in busts of two separate child trafficking networks, authorities said Wednesday.

The Ministry of Public Security said prosecutors were preparing cases against the suspects, suggesting that charges have yet to be filed.

Its statement posted online said 5,000 police across 10 provinces cooperated for six months on the investigation and moved in to arrest the suspects last week.

Child trafficking is big problem in China, where traditional preference for male heirs and a restrictive one-child policy has driven a thriving market in baby boys, who fetch a considerably higher price than girls. Girls and women also are abducted and used as laborers or as brides for unwed sons.

Tens of thousands of children go missing every year, though the exact numbers of victims are difficult to obtain.

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The rescued children will be put into orphanages while authorities try to reunite them with their families, the ministry said. It didn't give the age range of the abducted children or other specifics.

An investigation into a traffic accident in south China's Sichuan province in May led police to the first ring, which was allegedly selling children abducted or bought in Sichuan to buyers in central China's Hebei province and elsewhere. The ring had links to at least 26 gangs nationwide, it said.

The second ring was uncovered in August and was based in southeast China's Fujian province and led by a female suspect identified as Chen Xiumei.

The statement said police have cracked more than 7,000 gangs or rings that sold women or children since a special campaign against human trafficking started in April 2009. It said 18,518 children and 34,813 women have been rescued.

Another similar operation was busted in China in November 2011. The human trafficking ring focused on selling babies of poor migrant workers. Police in Zoucheng in the Shandong province said that in October, 17 infants had been sold in the city to Chinese buyers, according to the Global Times. Police were able to rescue 13 of the babies and sent them to welfare centers. One couple had sold three children.