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106-year-old: "I can die happy" after meeting President Obama

Virginia McLaurin turns 107 next month. More than anything, she wanted to meet President Obama
Virginia McLaurin turns 107 next month. More ... 02:03

WASHINGTON -- Virginia McLaurin, who turns 107 next month, wanted more than anything to meet President Obama. So, she wrote to him -- even offering to go to his house, if it would make it easier.

The president told her to come on over.

Virginia McLaurin, 106, charmed the president... 02:17

In a video released by the White House, the 106-year-old was so excited to meet the president and first lady she started dancing -- and so did they.

"So, what's the secret to still dancing at 106?" President Obama asked McLaurin.

Well, for one thing, she still volunteers 40 hours a week at a nearby school as a foster grandparent. CBS News found her on Monday sitting in the sun outside her apartment in Washington, D.C.

She shouted when she first saw the president. "I sure did," said McLaurin, "for joy. I felt good all in my soul. It was the greatest time of my life."

Virginia McLaurin laughs outside of her Washington, D.C. home as she describes meeting President Obama CBS News

And what a life it's been, watching as the world the changed around her.

"We have come a long way," McLaurin declared. She said she never thought she'd see a black president -- and now she's met one.

"A black president! A black wife!" she exclaimed upon meeting the first couple.

What was the best part of meeting the president and the first lady? "I felt like I made it," McLaurin said.

"I feel like I can die happy."

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