10-year-old girl drives car into DMV office

A 10-year-old girl crashed this vehicle into a DMV office, CBS Denver reported.

PARKER, Colo. – A 10-year-old girl crashed a car into a Division of Motor Vehicles office in the Denver suburb of Parker on Monday, CBS Denver reported.

According to police, the vehicle was sitting in the DMV parking lot when the girl got into the car and it started going.

 The car only went about 20 to 30 feet at a slow speed before crashing through the office windows.

There were around 12 people in the office at the time but no injuries were reported.

Police said the mother of the two girls in the car ran up beside the vehicle and told the one driving how to apply the brakes and stop.

Damage to both the office and vehicle was minimal.

The office was shut down but is hoping to be back open and ready for work on Tuesday.

Authorities are charging the 10-year-old with careless driving but the mother has yet to be charged with anything.