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10 Plus 1:

From investigative reports to breaking news, CBS correspondent Vince Gonzales, has reported for the network out of the Los Angeles bureau since 1998. Joining CBS in 1992 as an assistant producer for "Up to The Minute," Gonzales help several production and administrative positions before serving stints as a reporter at local CBS affiliated in Dallas, Denver and Phoenix. He's helped unearth the real identity of the Vietnam Veteran buried in the Tomb of the Unkown Soldier, investigated the nation's second-largest blood bank and covered California's power crisis. Gonzales won two Alred I. DuPont awards and an Emmy for his work and now he's here to answer our questions – and yours. As usual, we'll ask ten and pick one from our readers to send – maybe more if they're good enough. Here's your chance, so e-mail us some questions for Vince.