10 Plus 1: Eric Shapiro, A Director Reflects

This week we go from in front of the camera to behind the scenes to learn a little more about the people at CBS News with veteran director Eric Shapiro, whose rapid-fire decisions have helped determine what you've seen on your TV screens over the past four decades.

If you've logged any time with CBS News in that time span, you're probably intimately familiar with Shapiro's work. Currently serving as director of the CBS "Evening News" and special events, Shapiro helped launch and directed "48 Hours" and has directed the "Morning News," "Sunday Morning" and "Face the Nation." In addition, Shapiro has directed CBS' convention coverage for the past four presidential elections and all election night coverage since 1992. Whew.

Now it's your chance to question a director (if you want to see one in action, check out the "Early Show" control room). You know the drill, we ask ten questions and will pick one from our readers to add on – but we'll tack several on if they're good enough. So let's kick this one into high gear, send in your questions and give Eric a little more work this week.