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10 Plus 1: Don't Worry, That Polar Bear Is Just Sedated Edition

(Catherine Herrick)
This week's 10 Plus 1 subject is Catherine Herrick, a "60 Minutes" associate producer who works with correspondent Scott Pelley. After graduating from Middlebury College, Herrick became a page at the "Evening News," and then assistant to former "Evening News" executive producer Jeff Fager. She followed Fager over to "60 Minutes II," where she worked for six years before shifting over to "60 Minutes." The Cleveland native has covered everything from cerebral palsy to Sandra Day O'Connor to Hurricane Katrina, and she's been to some pretty fascinating places in the process – the picture at left comes from the Arctic Circle, where her team was working on a global warming story. (By the way, Herrick is just back from India – we almost went with a picture of her washing down an elephant.) You know the drill: Send in your questions for Catherine or post them in comments, and we'll pick the best of them and get her response.
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