$1 Million electric supercar goes on sale

Rimac Concept One
Rimac Concept One

(CBS News) High-price sports cars are already a niche market. That's probably why Croatian automotive startup Rimac is only producing 88 of their new supercar, the Concept One. Not only is the car an exclusive speedster, it's also electric. The company expects to sell this niche-in-a-niche electric sports car for a cool $1 million each.

The Concept One debuted at the Frankfurt Auto Show last year, but went on sale for the first time last month. The Croatian car appeared at the Top Marques Monaco - an exclusive auto show catering to the ultra-luxury market. Monaco's Prince Albert II reportedly took a spin in the million dollar EV.

With 1,088 horsepower under the hood, the Concept One joins the elusive club of production vehicles, such as the Bugatti Veyron, that boast more than 1,000-hp. Its 0-60 mph acceleration time is a whiplash-inducing 2.8 seconds. The vehicle is propelled by four motors that drive each wheel independently, and its 92 kWh battery pack offers a 370-mile range, or less if you're driving the vehicle at its 190-mph top speed.

It has the power, it has the look, and it will never need to be refilled at the pump. Could you see yourself dropping seven-digits on the premier model from a Croatian company most folks have probably never heard of? Rimac sure hopes so. They expect to begin delivery of the Concept One in 2013.