1 in 6 Students Bullied 2 to 3 Times a Month

Bullying has been a problem for as long as kids have been going to school.

One in six studentsadmits to being bullied two to three times a month - or more.

Some are targeted because they are gay. Who will stand up for them?

As CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports, a whole lot of people.

On September 21, gay advice columnist Dan Savage says he had enough. He was sick of hearing stories of bullied gay teens taking their own lives,

"I wish I could have talked to that kid for five minutes - been able to tell him that it gets better before he commits suicide," Savage said.

Savage spoke out on video, and posted it online.

One month later, there are thousands of video submissions - all part of his "It Gets Better Project."

"In the era of YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, I could make a video and encourage other gays and lesbians to do the same," Savage said.

In addition to gays and lesbians offering support, everyone from Google employees,celebrities, and even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed on.

Savage said all the people who've made videos have become "the shoulder to cry on."

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns's emotional "It Gets Better" speechalready has 2 million views online.

So far, there have been more than 10 million hits - and now that the website is linked to California's suicide prevention help-line the Trevor Project - calls have nearly tripled. The counseling center averaged about 400 calls a week. Now, they're getting nearly 1,000. Their goal is that the message of hope spreads.

"What would be great is if you can have other people take up the cause to say we want all people to feel save and secure with who they are - to not feel afraid," said psychiatrist Dr. Jeffrey Fishberger.

"It Gets Better" - a simple message and empowering words for those who need to hear them and for those who choose to say them.

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