World's 10 best cities to retire on a budget

  • Thirteen years ago, Suzan Haskins and Dan Prescher decided to ditch their day jobs and retire overseas, where they could live for a relative pittance and never have to shovel snow. Now, the senior editors of International Living magazine are hoping to help others follow their lead with a new book called "The International Living Guide to Retiring Overseas on a Budget."

    The duo took time out from their idyllic life in Ecuador to rank the cities that are best-suited to U.S. retirees. The criteria they used was heavily financial -- cost of housing, transportation, groceries, eating out and health care. They also factored in city amenities and the vibe of the expatriate community, as well as how easy or difficult it is to fly back home to see friends and relatives. Areas that draw a lot of U.S. expatriates, so you can socialize and shop in English, were favored.

    Just how much does it cost to live in these communities? That, of course, depends on you. But Prescher and Haskins say their personal annual expenses in Ecuador amount to about $25,000 a year, and they're not skimping.