Worked to death? 10 jobs that may hurt your heart

  • It's no secret that psychological stress is a big problem in a work-hard, play-hard country like ours. In a new Gallup poll, 39 percent of Americans said they had experienced stress in the past day. But the poll showed that stress is a much bigger problem in some states than in others. Is yours one of them?Keep clicking to see the top 15 stressed-out states. iStockphoto

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    Although most people don't think of heart disease as an occupational hazard, certain characteristics of your job may be upping your risk for heart attacks and other problems.

    Some work-related factors - such as sitting long hours at a desk, stress, irregular work hours, and exposure to certain chemicals or pollution - could also harm your heart.

    From our friends at, click through to see some jobs and job characteristics that could be upping your risk - and what to do about it.

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