Want to live like a Renaissance master? A Michelangelo villa is for sale

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    Listen up, art history buffs: A Tuscan villa that once belonged to Renaissance master Michelangelo Buonarroti is up for grabs.

    The 12,916-square-foot home is located on six acres of farmland and is listed for sale for just over $8 million.

    But don't expect to sleep in the same bedroom where Michelangelo once slept, said William E. Wallace, the Barbara Murphy Bryant Distinguished Professor of Art History at Washington University in Saint Louis, who has written seven books on the life and works of the great artist.

    Michelangelo moved from Florence to Rome in 1534 and never returned, Wallace said. He purchased this property in 1549 and died 15 years later in 1564 at the age of 88.

    "This is one of a number of farm properties he owned," Wallace said. "He had at least a dozen of all different sizes. Some were fairly large farms (like this one) -- he had two or three others of that size -- and others were smaller properties closer to Florence."

    While the surrounding olive groves, lemon orchards and Chianti vineyards might give the eight-bedroom, seven-bathroom home a sense of isolated privacy, it's only about a 15- to 20-minute trip to the city center of Florence, said Annie Madren Young, international real estate specialist for Handsome Properties International.

    The current owners spent 10 years restoring it. While it has many updated modern features like central heating, an Internet connection and high-end kitchen appliances, some historical features remain intact, including the massive original kitchen fireplace, curved brick ceilings and 70 percent of the original Renaissance-era terra-cotta floors.

    Even if Michelangelo didn't actually live in the house, the new buyer will still get a piece of his history. A copy of Michelangelo's original deed for the property, which refers to him as a "dear sculptor and Florentine citizen," comes with the home and is signed by the artist himself.

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