Top 10 hottest suburbs in the U.S.

  • (MoneyWatch) The hottest suburbs to live in aren't hot at all.

    Seattle, despite its cool, rainy weather, boasts three of the top growing 10 suburbs, according to a new survey.

    Through an extensive study of more than 1,500 suburbs, the folks at national real estate firm Coldwell Banker have identified the top suburbs that are exploding in terms of economic and population growth.

    The rankings are based on a number of factors, but focused on employment rates, both year-over-year increases and overall unemployment that fall well below the national norm. They also factored in access to suburban staples such as grocery stores, shopping, banks and entertainment; proximity to good schools; light commute times and low crime.

    These suburbs are recovering quickly from the national recession, and emerging as the best places to live. For homeowners in these suburbs, their home values are set to rise.

    Check out the last slide for a list of the hottest suburbs in each state.

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