The 3 best and worst countries to be an American expat

Last Updated Jan 13, 2015 11:00 AM EST

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    By Eric Reed/

    We live in the Age of Mobility. People of every generation are constantly on the move these days, changing cities and states to follow jobs, passions and, occasionally, even love.

    The thing is, not all of these new homes have to be traditional or even stateside. Lots of Americans move overseas for any number of reasons, and life as an expat can be an extraordinary adventure if you know where to go. How do you figure that out? Try asking the people who've already done it.

    Here are three of the best (and three of the worst) countries in which to to be an American expat, according to the Expat Insider Survey 2014 by InterNations.

    Read on, even you veteran travelers out there. The results will surprise you.

    Editor's note: This post originally stated that the survey was conducted by Expat Insider and a second organization. It turns out the Expat Insider Survey 2014 was conducted by InterNations.