The procrastinator's guide to retiring rich

  • Darren Baker

    By Caroline Banton/GOBankingRates

    As you grow older, your financial priorities change. While young college graduates might want to tackle student loans, baby boomers might be looking to pay down debts. Among older Americans, however, many wish they had prioritized retirement savings earlier.

    A recent study by surveyed over 10,000 adults to determine their greatest financial challenges. The findings of the survey show that retirement planning increasingly becomes a financial challenge for respondents as they age. While only 12.6 percent of respondents between the ages of 25 and 34 are concerned with retirement, 34 percent of baby boomers find planning for retirement a challenge.

    Whether you're a millennial straight out of college or nearing retirement, you can find ways to catch up on retirement savings.

    Click ahead to find out how to build sufficient funds to support your retirement.

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