The 9 most lucrative college majors

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    Recent advice in landing a top-paying job has steered college students to so-called STEM degrees, or science, technology, engineering and math.

    But new research from career site LinkedIn finds that's not always the right move. While many of the majors linked to top-paying jobs are in the STEM fields, a few standouts don't require advanced math or science classes, the study found.

    That may provide some measure of reassurance to students who aren't inclined toward science or math, as well as their parents. Liberal arts majors have been maligned as graduating without many marketable skills, for instance, yet the study finds that these grads earn the 13th highest incomes of all majors, with median annual pay of $72,500.

    Workers with degrees in such "fuzzy" subjects may end up using their skills in professions outside those fields, LinkedIn noted.

    For instance, liberal arts majors may use their writing and communication skills to find jobs in marketing, public relations or other fields.

    Education in general makes a big impact on income. Americans with graduate degrees tend to earn the most. For instance, those with medical degrees earn an average of $161,000 per year. Those with bachelors degrees take home $79,800 per year. But workers with only high school diplomas earn about $51,500 annually.

    LinkedIn's study was based on salary data from more than 2 million members of the social network as of April 2017.

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