The 10 Worst Business Ideas of All Time

Last Updated Oct 18, 2010 1:11 PM EDT

  • The 10 Worst Business Ideas of All Time

    By Dave Logan

    "The problem with most organizations is that they are governed by mediocre ideas."  So says retired Hanover Insurance CEO Bill O'Brien in Dance of Change.  In my almost 20 years of studying and consulting to organizations, as well as teaching their executives, I'm astonished at how bad ideas keep flowing into companies -- and how resistant most people are to letting them die. These ideas make companies weak, encourage employees to "quit and stay," crush innovation, and create cultures of despair.

    Like weeds, bad ideas crowd out actual thinking and need to pulled up from the roots. What follows are the 10 ideas I've found to be the worst for the health of an organization. Do any of them sound familiar?

    Photo courtesy Hardleers, CC 2.0.

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    Dave Logan is a USC faculty member, management consultant, and the best-selling author of four books including Tribal Leadership and The Three Laws of Performance. He is also Senior Partner of CultureSync, a management consulting firm, which he co-founded in 1997.