Super Bowl 2012: Who will be unsung hero?

  • Chase Blackburn of the New York Giants and Danny Woodhead of the New England Patriots. Getty Images
    Chase Blackburn and Danny Woodhead

    Sometimes obscure players steal Super Bowl spotlight

    For every Drew Brees and Ray Lewis, there is a David Tyree or Larry Brown. Not only do superstars win Super Bowls, super nobodies are heroes, too.

    Tom Brady and Eli Manning are headlining Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday, but will one of their more obscure teammates steal the spotlight?

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    Most evenly matched Super Bowls ever

    Two relative unknowns ended up winning Super Bowl MVP honors thanks to key interceptions. Tampa Bay free safety Dexter Jackson grabbed a pair of passes from Oakland's Rich Gannon, merely the league's 2002 MVP, in the Bucs' 48-21 romp that year. Dallas cornerback Larry Brown had two picks, returning one for the clinching touchdown, in the Cowboys' 27-17 Super Bowl victory over Pittsburgh in 1996. His teammates included Hall of Famers Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin, and in the secondary alone, Deion Sanders and Darren Woodson.

    Brown parlayed that performance into a big-money free agent deal with Oakland, and faded into obscurity soon after.

    There are plenty of candidates to be an unlikely hero for Sunday's title game between the New York Giants and New England Patriots.

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