Spencer West scales Mount Kilimanjaro despite having no legs to bring clean water to East Africa

  • Spencer West reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro on June 19, 2012. YouTube/freethechildrenintl

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    (CBS News) Spencer West wasn't going to let a genetic disease that robbed him of his legs stop him from achieving his goals.

    West, of Toronto, Canada, was born with sacral agenesis, a rare condition in which the lower spine and pelvis don't form properly at the time of birth. Doctors amputated his legs at age 5. He wrote in a blog post that when doctors told his parents in 1981 that their son would never sit up, walk or be a functioning member of society, his family refused to accept it, and set out to redefine what was possible

    "With their support, I've overcome many obstacles," West wrote. "Believe it or not I'm about to face my greatest obstacle ever! And I'm going to redefine possible yet again."

    West's latest challenge? To climb 19,000-foot Mount Kilimanjaro - the highest peak in Africa - to raise $750,000 to bring sustainable water programming to drought-ridden regions of East Africa. Flanked by a team that includes his two best friends David Johson and Alex Meers, the group set out on their journey.

    West detailed his climb on "The Redefine Possible Blog" on the Free The Children Web site and in a series of videos.

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