Six of the most haunted houses in the U.S.

  • (MoneyWatch) Have you ever seen an eerie pale figure in the window or jerked awake because of a bump in the night?

    Apparently, nearly a third of Americans have. According to's Haunted Housing Report, 35 percent of respondents claim they have lived or are living in a haunted house.

    The report also provided some warning signs that a house could be haunted: A cemetery on the property, more than 100 years old, quick transitions in owners, an unexplainable low price or close proximity to a battlefield.

    Some of the most haunted homes in the country meet more than a few of those creepy criteria. Ed Kushins, a global travel expert and founder of home swapping site, offered up a list of six of the most haunted homes in the country.

    Most of these aren't for sale, but you can at least step inside the haunted, historic abodes. A few even offer the ability to stay overnight and sleep in the same rooms where gruesome murders took place -- if you're into that kind of thing.

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