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Six holiday tech etiquette "do's" and "don't's"


What's OK at the holiday dinner table?

bread, rolls, serving, dinner, dinner party, table, guests, dining, stock, 4x3, eating Ever wondered what people really think about someone whipping out an iPhone when the turkey is served? Keep clicking to find out! Yahoo recently polled its readers to find out what they think is appropriate and inappropriate tech behavior over the holidays.

Six holiday tech etiquette "do's" and "don't's"


"Re-gifting" presents

According to Yahoo's survey, 40 percent of people say re-gifting -- usually a social taboo -- is actually OK. Heather Cabot, Yahoo web life editor, said on "The Early Show," "We asked this in an open-ended way, so people would respond, and one person actually was candid and said, 'You know, one person's trash is another person's treasure, and if I can't use it, I might as well pass it on.' It's kind of eco-friendly if you think about it. A new mindset!"

Six holiday tech etiquette "do's" and "don't's"

Don't worry, listening to heavy metal won't give you a rash. But exposure to the metal found in portable music players, cell phones, belt buckles and jewelry causes some people to break out. It's not a true allergy, says Dr. Nish, but a form of a skin condition known as contact dermatitis. istockphoto

Using a cell phone at the table

teen, cellphone, istockphoto, 4x3Yahoo's survey found a whopping 63 percent of people think having a cell phone at the dinner table isn't appropriate. However, Cabot, Yahoo web life editor, said on "The Early Show," "What if you're Skyping with people who can't be at your Thanksgiving? What if you're taking a photo of your beautiful table to send to your mother who can't be (there) and you want to show her the turkey?"

Six holiday tech etiquette "do's" and "don't's"


Buying a pricey gift for new boyfriend/girlfriend

Among those surveyed by Yahoo, 41 percent say buying a pricey gift is inappropriate. Cabot noted some said you should maybe wait a few more weeks and see what happens.

Six holiday tech etiquette "do's" and "don't's"


Putting family photos online without permission

Only 15 percent of respondents in the Yahoo survey say it's OK to post family photos over the holidays without getting permission. Cabot said on "The Early Show," "You should always ask (your family.)"

Six holiday tech etiquette "do's" and "don't's"


Posting photos from the office holiday party online

Yahoo's survey found 63 percent of respondents think posting pictures of the office holiday party is inappropriate. Cabot, Yahoo's web life editor, added that the majority of those saying this practice was not OK were people over 50 -- likely the office bosses!

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