Professor David Oliver documents cancer battle in online videos

  • AP

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    (CBS/AP) What happens when a medical school professor with a specialty in aging (and, therefore, dying) is diagnosed with cancer? He finds a way to teach his experience.

    When 69-year-old David Oliver first noticed the bump on his neck, he thought it was calcified scar tissue from a previous surgery. But the growth didn't go away, and his sore back grew more painful, the Associated Press reported. A doctor's diagnosis confirmed Oliver had a form of upper throat cancer called nasal pharyngeal carcinoma that had spread to his lymph nodes and bones.

    After first struggling to absorb his diagnosis, the former health care executive decided to go a different route. Having spent his career teaching medical students and hospital workers how to care for dying patients, Oliver decided to make a video to break the news to his colleagues. The clip spread, and Oliver chose to continue documenting his treatment in regular videos.

    Why? "If there was ever a time to be a good teacher, this is it," he said. "I've got a chance."

    Keep clicking to see Oliver's first video.