Pharma phonies? Prescription drugs that lead double lives

  • Does the pill look different from the ones you've been getting? Didn't you just take a dose? If there's ever any doubt about whether you are being given the right pill at the right dosage, ask. istockphoto

    We usually view side effects as a bad thing, but sometimes they point the way to a whole new use for a drug.

    "We think of drugs as being specific to a task," says Dr. Jeremy Greene, Harvard University medical historian. In fact, he says, "drugs are very complex objects."

    As research and development costs have climbed, drug companies are more interested than ever in finding ways to repurpose their products. Often they seek to simply market an existing drug for a new condition, but in some cases they give the drug a whole new name and face. From our friends at, here are eight drugs that lead double lives...

    The first on the list? Prozac, which is also sold as Sarafem.

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