Los Angeles Auto show: 5 cars sure to draw crowds

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    Like recent car sales, sport utility vehicles will headline this year's Los Angeles Auto Show -- big ones, small ones, redesigned ones and brand new models.

    A redesigned Jeep Wrangler, an all-new small SUV from Volvo and a three-row family hauler from Subaru will be among the highlights of the show, which is open to the public from Dec. 1-10.

    Introductions of these and other models to the press this week will combine with a technology conference about self-driving cars and other future automotive technology.

    In honor of this tech conference, the show is trying to rebrand itself as "Automobility LA." But we will continue to call it the LA auto show and focus on a combination of concept cars, as well as the cars that you can find at dealerships as early as next year.

    Along with SUVs, new electric models, reflecting another ongoing automotive trend, will also be on display. One of the most interesting is the electric Mini.

    The exposition kicks off the 2017-18 U.S. major auto show season, with Detroit following in January and New York in April.

    Here's a closer look at five of the most interesting vehicles being introduced at the LA show.

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