Kim Jong Il: 10 weird facts, propaganda

  • A photo from April 1992 shows North Korean leader Kim Jong Il on the tarmac at Pyongyang Airport following a visit by then-Chinese President Yang Shangkun. COR/AFP/Getty Images

    During his often oppressive reign over North Korea, Kim Jong Il cultivated a personal mythology that included some outlandish claims. Global Post compiled 10 bizarre bits of reported fact and propaganda from the life of "Dear Leader."

    1. Divine birth

    Legend has it that a double rainbow and a glowing new star appeared in the heavens to herald the birth of Kim Jong Il, in 1942, on North Korea's cherished Baekdu Mountain. Soviet records, however, indicate he was born in the Siberian village of Vyatskoye, in 1941. The people of North Korea, many of whom are reportedly battling famine, are apparently told that Kim's birthday is celebrated throughout the world.

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