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Ibragim Todashev, Orlando man with alleged ties to Boston bombing suspect, fatally shot by FBI, officials say

Ibragim Todashev CBS Orlando

(CBS/WKMG) ORLANDO (Updated 12:20 p.m.) --Authorities said that an FBI agent fatally shot a man from Chechnya with alleged ties to one of the Boston bombing suspects in an Orlando apartment early Wednesday, according to CBS affiliate WKMG.

The FBI said that the victim, Ibragim Todashev, became violent as officials questioned him about the Boston Marathon bombingsreports the station.

Paul Bresson, an FBI spokesman, said that the FBI agent who shot and killed Todashev acted on an "imminent threat." The agent was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries, the FBI told WKMG.

According to officials, authorities have dispatched a post-shooting review team that will look into the incident starting Thursday, reports the station.

Khusen Taramov, a friend of the victim, told WKMG that Todashev knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston bombing case who was fatally shot by police a few days after the bombings.

"Back when (Todashev) used to live in Boston, they used to hang out -- not hang out -- he knew him. They met a few times because (Todashev) was a MMA fighter and (Tsarnaev) was a boxer. They just knew each other. That's it," Taramov told the station. 

He said that Todashev last spoke to Tsarnaev on the phone over a month ago.

Taramov told WKMG he knew "for sure" that Todashev did not have anything to do with the Boston bombing. He said that Todashev was arrested by Orlando police on battery charges a couple of weeks ago.

Also according to Taramov, reports the station, the FBI had been investigating Todashev since Tsarnaev was named a suspect in the Boston bombings.

Todashev was planning to leave the US, Taramov told the station.

"He had a (plane) ticket to New York. From there, he was going to go home," he said. "(The FBI was) pushing him to stay, saying, 'We want to interview one last time,'" Taramov told WKMG.