How to score a free holiday flight using miles

  • Carlos E. Santa Maria/iStockphoto

    By Summer Hull/MoneyTalksNews

    There is no denying that purchasing airfare during peak holiday travel periods can be painful for your wallet. This pain can be intensified if you waited too long and now find yourself needing holiday flights at "last-minute" prices.

    If you are pricing holiday travel at this late stage, you will quickly find that being flexible and traveling on the less popular days, such as on the actual holiday itself or returning home a couple of days later than most, can result in securing less expensive airfare.

    But you can do better than just finding less expensive airfare. You can fly for virtually no out-of-pocket cost if you have been stashing away some airline miles thanks to rewards-earning credit cards.

    Award availability can be tough on peak travel dates, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to find if you use these five tips.