How to Destroy Your Brand on Twitter

Last Updated Jun 9, 2011 1:30 PM EDT

  • How to Destroy Your Brand on Twitter

    By Jessica Stillman

    Representative Anthony Weiner may be fighting for his job (not to mention his marriage) after making a complete idiot of himself on Twitter, but he's hardly the only who has gotten into trouble on the social media site. Plenty of brands and business people have used the openness and informality of the micro-blogging service to hang themselves as well.

    So aside from Weiner, who in the business world has gotten confused about the different between a DM and an @ reply or simply let too much slip and found themselves shamed on Twitter? And what can other organizations learn from their errors that can help them avoid future humiliation on the site?

    CLICK here to see what iconic American brand was let down by its PR people -->

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