How to comfort infants after vaccines: The "5 S's"

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    Vaccinations are a necessary but stressful event for infants and their parents alike. Infants are bound to experience pain and some suffering in the process, but a new study shows that some methods of comfort work better than others. The study, published in the April 16 online edition of Pediatrics, looked at more than 200 infants during their 2- and 4-month well-child visits. The infants received comfort measures including pacifiers and distraction, as well as the "5 S's" plan.

    The "5 S's" plan was developed 10 years ago by Dr. Harvey Karp, an assistant professor of pediatrics at the USC School of Medicine in Los Angeles.

    Using a pain-scoring tool, the researchers found that babies in the "5 S's" group experienced significantly less pain and crying compared with the other group. What are the 5 S's? Keep clicking to find out...