Homes: What you can buy for $7 million

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    Homes costing $7 million can get pretty outrageous.

    With that budget -- which is more than 39 times the national median home value of $184,600, according to -- homebuyers could seek out common upscale amenities, like multiple fireplaces or wine cellars.

    But far more unique features can be had at that price. Some $7 million homes come with elevators, indoor fountains and even climbing walls. From a vineyard in Oregon to a Maryland manse with its own private golf course and basketball/tennis court, extreme luxury (and lots of square footage) is available to wealthy homebuyers in many places across the country.

    While most of these larger homes are located in areas with median home values far above what we see in the U.S. overall, they're still much more expensive than the surrounding houses. And of course, in some more expensive markets, $7 million doesn't go quite as far. For example, in parts of San Francisco or New York City, buyers could end up spending that much on a two- to four-bedroom condo.

    Click ahead to see which amenities buyers can get in homes for $7 million.

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