Homes: What you can buy for $600,000

  • Photo courtesy of Zillow

    Single-family homes in most major metropolitan areas can easily cost buyers more than $600,000 these days.

    But in smaller markets like Marietta, Georgia, and Cincinnati, Ohio, spending over a half-million dollars will buy a property with a reasonable amount of space and luxury.

    Since $600,000 will get buyers many different types of residences depending on the location, people with a budget that size may want to take some extra time deciding where to lay down roots. Ask some key questions: Is it more important to live in a big city or have room for a growing family? Is access to private outdoor space an important factor?

    These and other considerations will make choosing between a 650-square-foot studio on Manhattan's Upper East Side and a 3,510-square-foot colonial in Philadelphia much easier -- if you have that kind of choice.

    Check out what buyers can snag for $600,000 in 10 different markets across the U.S.

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