Happiness busters: 10 ways you're ruining your mood

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    (CBS News) Happiness seems more mysterious and harder to obtain than ever before.

    New research from Carnegie Mellon University reveals that Americans' stress levels have been on a steady rise for 25 years, and with about one in 10 taking antidepressants, attaining happiness is a difficult task for many.

    According to Sean Meshorer, author of "The Bliss Experiment," many of us engage in thoughts and activities that sabotage our mood. The good news, he told CBS News, is once we realize what we're doing to ourselves and learn a few quick and simple remedies, we can change these happiness busters.

    Keep clicking to see 10 common mistakes we make that might be ruining your mood - and what to do about them.

    The publisher of "The Bliss Experiment," Simon & Schuster's Atria Smart Books, shares the same parent company as CBS News.