Grumpy grub: 10 foods that ruin your mood

  • Grumpy grub: 10 foods that ruin your mood

    Bagels, photo AP


    Doesn't it seem like bagels get bigger every year? These growing breakfast staples are anything but benign, wreaking havoc on both your mood and your waistline.

    How do bagels mess with your mood? At first bagels boost a person's energy, but after a few hours you come crashing down looking for another fix in the modern American diet. That crash can cause people to feel irritable, lightheaded, or sad.

    The carbs can also take a toll on your waistline when the body converts and stores them as fat. But bagels aren't the only carbs that can ruin a person's mood: Pancakes, waffles, and cereal should be avoided if you want to maintain a stable mood and slim figure.