Founding Father Benjamin Franklin's 13 virtues of health and wellness

  • Benjamin Franklin Wikipedia/Joseph Duplessis

    This Fourth of July, let us turn to a surprising but inspiring role model in the time-honored tradition of self-improvement: Benjamin Franklin.

    Franklin, a beloved Founding Father, was deeply introspective and constantly working on his own character and habits. When he was twenty, he created a list of 13 virtues that he wished to achieve. While his (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) ideal was moral perfection, he understood that he could not improve every aspect at once. So, he focused on one virtue a week, a plan that he followed to some degree for the rest of his life.

    Here's his plan for cultivating life-long good habits through his lens of virtue adapted for the world of health and wellness by author Julie Sugar, who frequently blogs about health and writes for Lilith magazine's blog, and the HealthPop staff.