Forever young? Not if you do these 6 things

  • Do 'lifting' moisturizers really work? They usually contain retinol and hydrating ingredients, which plump skin, so yes, they work, but don't expect face-lift-like results! - Dr. Day istockphoto

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    When you think of factors that prematurely age you, your mind probably turns to smoking, overeating, or excessive stress. And if you've been following the news, you might add tanning to the list (it makes you more susceptible to skin cancer - and we won't even get started on the wrinkles and sun spots.) But what you might not know is that your exercise patterns, listening habits, and even your cooking style can negatively affect your life. Luckily, you can make changes. Read on for tips from Leslie Quander Wooldridge at U.S. News, on how to counteract these six surprising behaviors that age you...