For sale: 10 homes that belong on a holiday card

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    Thinking of selling a home during or directly after the holidays? It can be difficult to decide how much of your festive décor to show off.

    Does your ceramic reindeer collection make the living room look cheerful or messy? Does your Griswold-worthy Christmas light display give your house an inviting glow, or does it blind potential buyers to the home's charms?

    In real estate, it's best to take a less-is-more approach to the holidays. Keep in mind that too many decorations can make a home seem cluttered, and you want to present the property in the most neutral way possible. Also, certain decorations may be off-putting to potential buyers who don't celebrate in the same way.

    Some houses, however, look like they're in the holiday spirit even before sellers add twinkling lights and evergreen wreaths. These 10 homes from around the country -- from North Pole, Arkansas, to a home on Reindeer Run in Christmas, Michigan -- sport cheery red doors, festive trim and other details to put you in the holiday spirit.

    And while fewer people may be shopping for homes in December and January after splurging on the holidays, waiting until spring to list a home may not be the best move.

    "You're better off being the only game in town when it's time to sell," real estate expert Brendon DiSimone wrote in a recent Zillow blog post. "The more homes on the market, the more the buyers spread out." Still, he continued, it may be smart to include a few listing photos of your home during warmer months to give potential buyers a more comprehensive look at its possibilities.

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