Expenses your landlord should be covering

  • By Alaina Tweddale/GOBankingRates

    Finally found the perfect rental? Before you celebrate, make sure you have a handle on which expenses you'll be expected to pay -- and which ones your landlord should pony up for.

    Because nothing's ever easy, there are no cut-and-dry answers. Tenants' rights not only vary by state but by property type. Laws for rental properties nationwide might "differentiate between single family dwellings versus apartment buildings, or landlords who own multiple properties versus landlords who own a single property," said longtime landlord and frequent renter Kate Horrell. When in doubt, "read your lease to make sure you're not paying for things that are not your responsibility," she added.

    When it comes to figuring out who pays for what, the rental agreement is usually the final word. "The best time to read your lease is before you sign it," said Mindy Jensen, community manager of real estate investment site Bigger Pockets. "The second best time to read it is now."

    That said, here are the most commonly contested expenses you should probably expect your landlord to pay. Probably. Because nothing's ever written in stone -- although, it might be written into your rental agreement.

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