Detroit Auto Show: 5 hot new SUVs and pickups

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    Pickups and SUVs will be the headliners at this year's Detroit Auto Show.

    Two of the three top-selling pickups -- the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the Ram 1500 -- will be displaying completely redesigned models at the Detroit show, which is officially known as the North American International Auto Show and which kicked off this weekend. Ford is introducing the first diesel engine for its best-selling F-150 pickup. It will also be showing a resurrected nameplate -- the Ranger midsize pickup.

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    Among SUVs, Jeep will show a refreshed Jeep Cherokee. BMW will display the X2, which is a completely new small SUV. And Lamborghini will introduce its new Urus, which the company claims is the fastest SUV in the world. The show previews cars for the press next week and is open to the public from Jan. 20 to 28.

    "Overall, the show reflects the shift in the market from cars to crossover SUVs and trucks," said Matt DeLorenzo, managing editor of Kelley Blue Book. "There will be a few cars on hand like the new Toyota Avalon, VW Jetta and Hyundai Veloster, but for the most part they'll be bit players."

    DeLorenzo also noted that while electric vehicles will figure prominently in discussions of the automotive future during the show, the only new electric or hybrid being shown is a revived Honda Insight.

    As the historic center of automakers in this country, Detroit retains the aura of putting on the most important U.S. auto show. Domestic manufacturers introduce their crucial new products such as the pickups. And European and Japanese companies also use Detroit as a showcase for their new models.

    Here is a closer look at five pickups and SUVs being presented at the Detroit show.

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