7 of the best late-model used cars you can buy

  • Lorenzo Patoia

    In shopping for a used car, of course you want a slick-looking, great-driving, reliable model. But you also want to know it won't lose too much value if you're ready to sell it a few years later. Combining these two approaches, used-car shopping and research site CarGurus.com has picked its best late-model used cars in seven categories.

    Over the years, CarGurus' test drivers have driven most popular models. In addition, they've gone over the reviews of other outlets. Starting with strong test-drive scores, they then looked for vehicles with a better-than-average record of holding value over a 12-year period.

    The picks cover ranges of model years from 2007 to 2017. Since many leased cars are returned after three years, we decided to focus on the 2014 versions of these vehicles.

    Let's take a closer look at these seven late-model used cars.

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