5 great new car deals you can get now

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    When it comes to getting a new-car bargain, we're entering the best time of the year. With the 2019 models due to arrive in late September, automakers and dealers are eager to clear out the 2018 models.

    The result is a kaleidoscope of cash-back rebates, low-interest loans and attractive lease deals. And of course, you may well get discounts beyond the rebate. The best approach is to negotiate a price with the salesperson then apply the rebate -- not the other way around.

    However, buying in July and August also has some drawbacks. You have to be flexible about what color car you want. And the exact package of options you prefer may not be available. But if you're OK with that, you can get one of the best options of all: bragging to your friends and neighbors about what a great deal you got.

    To give you a range of choices, we looked at the details on discount purchase deals, plus low-payment lease deals on two SUVs, one pickup, one mainstream sedan and one luxury model. Read on for a look at five of the best current deals on new cars.

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