5 U.S. cities where college grads can thrive

  • State Capitol building in Austin, Texas, in the spring CrackerClips

    Ah, spring -- the weather warms, the future brightens and an army of freshly minted college graduates fans out across America to apply their dreams and degrees to the working world. Whether those dreams take flight or crash to the ground depends, of course, on the individual. But the location where that person chooses to live can play a significant role.

    To that end, Bankrate analyzed the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. to see how conducive they are to launching young careers.

    "It's important to remember your job isn't your life. You want to be happy where you are, and you want to be able to afford where you're living," said Sarah Berger, who writes about finance and budgeting for Bankrate under the moniker The Cashlorette.

    Read on to find the best-ranked cities to start your career, according to Bankrate.