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Bargain hunt: 5 cars headed for a redesign


At this time of year, dealers discount remaining cars from the old model year to clear the lot for their successors. But those 2015 discounts are especially big for models headed for a 2016 redesign.

Automotive Web site has reviewed 31 vehicles getting major or minor redesigns and picked a list that look like especially good deals. From that list, we took five of the most interesting, like the Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible pictured above.

Click ahead to see the our top 5 bargains -- from a green car to a luxury model.

Chevrolet Volt


Not only is the Volt being redesigned, but falling gasoline prices have slowed sales of this high-MPG car. But if you really want a green car, the Volt fits the bill. Volt originally was high-priced compared with other small cars, but now is available for about $31,600. On better equipped models, Edmunds says you can save up to $5,400 at a price of about $32,160.

Edmunds' reviewers note that commuters with up to to a 40-mile daily round trip can avoid filling stations after charging the car at home. But for longer trips, the back-up gasoline engine extends the range to about 300 miles.

Honda Civic

Honda, Wieck

Honda announced a flashy makeover for its popular Civic at this year's NewYork Auto Show. So now is the time to shop for bargain 2015 Civics.

Edmunds' reviewers praised the 2015 Civic for a comfortable ride, spacious interior and good gas mileage (an estimated 30 in city driving, 39 on the highway.) On the high-volume LX sedan, Edmunds says you can save about $1,830, with a selling price of $17,480.

Volkswagen Passat


The Passat gets praise from reviewers compiled by U.S.News for excellent steering, handling and braking. And those who select its widely-praised diesel option can expect excellent highway mileage -- an estimated 42 MPG (30 in the city).

Edmunds says you can save about $3,950 on the TDI diesel model, with a selling price of $28,340.

Chevrolet Camaro


If you dream of getting a sporty model, the Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible looks like a bargain. Edmunds says you can save about $4,000 off list price through one of their affiliated dealers, which has promised a selling price of $40,105.

The still-flashy LS coupe, pictured above, is discounted less -- about $800 -- but is selling at a much lower price of $25,325. Edmunds' reviewers praised Camaro's sleek looks and strong acceleration.

BMW 3 series


If your taste runs to luxury models, have a look at the 3 series. That model designation takes in a wide range of features and prices -- and reviewers sampled by U.S. News praise them all for powerful acceleration and superb handling.

For the least-expensive 320i, you can save $4,230 at a selling price of $ 37,365, Edmunds says. Even bigger savings of $4,740 are available on the high end of the 3 series price range, with the 335i four-door sedan at a selling price of $47,230.