America's 11 poorest cities

  • 7. Fresno, California

    • Percentage of incomes under $25,000: 31.4%
    • Percentage of population with bachelor's degree: 20.3%
    • Percentage of incomes over $150,000: 6.1% (#25, tied with San Antonio)
    • Total population: 500,819

    Like many other communities in California's Central Valley, Fresno is dependent on agriculture sector jobs and low-paying farm work.

    "It's a pretty ag-heavy region, so the inequality of wages and the opportunity to earn better wages is really skewed," Caroline Farrell, executive director of the Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment, told the Associated Press back in 2012. "If you own a farm, you're apt to earn more wealth, while if you're a farm worker, don't earn very much." That lack of economic diversity also keeps away many people looking for better-paying work.