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9 secret ways to save money at Home Depot

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By Lia Sestric/GOBankingRates

You don't have to be Chip or Joanna Gaines, from the HGTV show "Fixer Upper," to appreciate The Home Depot (HD). It's one of the largest home improvement retailers, with more than 2,200 stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and stocks up to 40,000 different kinds of products related to all things home improvement.

Whether your next shopping trip is for paint, new appliances or a bathroom remodel, there are many ways to save money at Home Depot. To give you an insider's view, shopping experts shared their secrets for saving on home improvements at the retail giant.

Click ahead for a look at nine secret ways to save money at the home improvement retailer.

This article was originally published by GOBankingRates.

​1. Take advantage of all coupons and discounts

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If you really want to rack up home improvement savings, make sure you're taking advantage of all available coupons and discounts. For example, veterans get a 10 percent discount on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day with proof of service, according to money-saving expert Lori Felix of the blog There's also a 10 percent discount every day for active-duty servicemembers, and for retired or disabled veterans and their family members, with a valid military ID.

Before you shop, be sure to check online for coupons that can really help you save. Websites like RetailMeNot and Groupon offer coupons for up to 70 percent off on items like patio furniture, appliances and tools at Home Depot.

​2. Know where to find the markdowns

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You can find home improvement deals throughout the store -- if you know how to spot them. You can often find clearance items and price markdowns on end caps in the store, so it's good to actively look as you walk the aisles, according to Felix. "You might get lucky and find just what you are looking for," she said.

The price tags can tell you whether or not a price is a final markdown, said Felix. Here's how it generally works:

  • Prices ending in .06 -- This means it's a clearance item and has six weeks until the price drops again. These are typically printed on a yellow price tag.
  • Prices ending in .03 -- If the item is still in stock after six weeks, the price will be lowered an additional 3 cents. It's best to get the product then, because after three weeks, the item will be removed from the shelves. These are also typically printed on a yellow tag.

If you're shopping for paint, you also don't want to miss the aisle with the "oops paint" rack. You can find big discounts on paints that are either mistinted or not the color the customer requested.

​3. The secret to saving money on tools

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With hundreds of tools and pieces of equipment available to rent at Home Depot, you can stop accruing "one-time use" tools that leave you with hefty bills and less storage space. Whether it's a move, a home remodel or landscaping project, first see if the item you need is for rent. You can easily check online for your local Home Depot's inventory and rental rates. You can rent by the hour, day, week or month.

For example, say you want a cement mixer to build a fire pit in your yard. You can purchase a Kushlan electric cement mixer for $349, or rent the same one for $46 for the day. You'll save roughly $300 for equipment you'll probably use only once, which is much easier on your wallet.

​4. Get in on special coupons and offers

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If you subscribe to text alerts from Home Depot, you will get a coupon sent to you via text message for $5 off your next purchase. You must spend $50 to use the coupon. Signing up is easy -- you can do it online.

In addition to the sign-up coupon, subscribers receive approximately 10 texts a month from Home Depot that include special promotions and offers, as well as design tips and information. You can also register online for email alerts and get a $5 off coupon on a $50 purchase.

​5. Watch for exclusive one-day deals

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Home Depot's Special Buy of the Day offers online exclusive deals to save on home improvement projects. They are "today only" deals while supplies last.

One recent daily deal was for a 24-square-foot case of hardwood flooring -- marked down from the regular price of $4.29 per square foot to $2.99 per square foot. That's about $30 in savings per case.

If you never want to miss a deal, you can sign up to be on the Special Buy of the Day email list. If you can find a hot deal on something you need to buy, this can be worth checking out.

​6. Get money back or freebies

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Before you make a big purchase, such as a major appliance, visit Home Depot's online rebate center to see what saving opportunities are available. You can search by brand, product, ZIP code or model number.

"The majority of Home Depot rebates are tied to federal tax credits (materials) or prepaid [debit] cards from a few specific brands," said Brent Shelton, shopping expert with Some products, like a KitchenAid mixer, might offer an additional item rather than money back.

​7. Beat the competitors’ prices

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If you find a lower price on an identical in-stock item at a local competitor's store, Home Depot will match the price, plus take 10 percent off. You'll need to take a competitor's ad to Home Depot to ask for the price match and the additional 10 percent off, said Felix. Online purchases will only receive a price match, not the additional 10 percent off.

The retailer won't give you a price match on special orders, volume discounts, labor and installation, sales tax, rebates or free offers. Also, the price match doesn't apply to going-out-of-business sales or a competitor's seasonal merchandise.

​8. Stack your savings

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If you want to save some cash on your next Home Depot run, consider purchasing a gift card for less money than its remaining balance. On discount gift card sites like Gift Card Granny, you can generally buy a Home Depot gift card for about a 6.5 percent discount. The gift cards are good at any Home Depot retail store or online.

If you want to increase your savings, shopping expert Michelle Madhok recommended using a discounted gift card at a cash-back and coupon code site, such as CouponCabin or Ebates, where you can easily stack savings at Home Depot.

​9. Negotiate for a better deal

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If you want a discount on a Home Depot product, ask for it. Consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch said it can work.

Sales associates usually don't have the power to give you a better deal, but if you ask to speak to a manager, he or she might be more willing to negotiate with you to seal the deal, said Woroch. "Use tactics like reviewing recent sales that you missed or upcoming ones that you may qualify for now," she added.

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