9 bus homes that are way too cool for school

  • Photo courtesy of Mira and Jeremy Thompson

    School is back in session in most places across the country, and those familiar yellow buses are once again meandering through neighborhoods to pick up children in the morning and bring them home again in the afternoon.

    These buses, however, aren't heading back to school.

    As the tiny house movement continues to grow, some people looking to downsize have turned to decommissioned school buses as starting points for their new small-scale abodes. The large vehicles give them bases from which to start and, assuming they're already equipped with functioning wheels and engines, they can easily be moved from place to place if the owners crave a more nomadic lifestyle.

    Many of these owners gutted and refurbished the buses themselves, adding homey touches like warm lighting, full bathrooms and kitchens. Eco-friendly features like rooftop solar panels and composting toilets make some of these homes easier to take off-the-grid.

    Bus-dwellers have also gotten creative with storage, building deep drawers and including stowaway compartments in furniture like beds and sofas.

    Click ahead to see nine former school buses that have been transformed into cozy homes on wheels.

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