7 troublesome ways teens destroy their teeth

  • 7 troublesome ways teens destroy their teeth

    Reality: In the past, women with lumpy, dense, or fibrocystic breasts were believed to be at higher risk of getting breast cancer, but there doesn't appear to be a connection after all. However, when you have lumpy breasts, it it can be trickier to differentiate normal tissue from cancerous tissue, so you may experience false alarms. Women with fibrocystic breasts often follow up their mammograms with an ultrasound. More from Health.com: How to help a loved one cope with breast cancer istockphoto


    In addition to wreaking physical and emotional havoc, the eating disorder bulimia quite commonly causes widespread tooth decay. The problems arise when bulimics binge on high-carb foods, and the sugars in these foods weaken and erode tooth enamel and feed plaque-causing bacteria. Then, purging exposes weakened tooth enamel to stomach acid, which dissolves tooth enamel and further contributes to tooth decay.

    It's no surprise that a long-time sufferer of bulimia will probably need to have dental repair work done frequently and repeatedly, especially on teeth that are exposed to harsh stomach acids from purging. If you or anyone you know suffers from bulimia, seek medical help immediately.