7 tiny trailers made into homes

  • Photo courtesy of Melanie Gnau

    The latest trend in the tiny house movement is wheels. Do-it-yourselfers across the country are turning aging retro campers into modern homes.

    In her blog, "A Small Life," Melanie Gnau chronicles her day-to-day life in a refurbished 1978 Airstream Sovereign. Gnau, who lives in the trailer with her husband and dog, focuses on living simply, intentionally and frugally. Living in a trailer saves them big bucks, according to Gnau, because they live rent- and mortgage-free on some family land.

    Of course, not all trailer refurbs are full-time homes. Some owners transform their vintage abodes to upgrade their camping experience.

    The glamorous camping -- or "glamping" -- trend is gaining popularity, inspiring passionate DIY-ers to search Craigslist, looking for used trailers to transform into beautiful homes-away-from-home. It can take some glampers several years and several thousand dollars to make their dreams a reality, but the transformations can be truly shocking.

    Michelle Sullivan, a photographer from California, took her Craigslist-purchased 1960 Aristocrat Lo-Liner from shabby to chic with bright pink paint, a new stove and sink, new flooring and tons of colorful accessories. Karina and Eric Conklin replaced the green shag carpet and other outdated features of an Airstream that had been abandoned and rotting for a decade and turned it into a cheerful, cozy home for their honeymoon getaway.

    Here are seven trailers that might make you want to ditch the tent.

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