7 retailers doing the most holiday hiring

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    Americans who are looking for a job over the holidays may be in luck: Retailers are ramping up seasonal hiring this year.

    They're potentially hiring in greater volume this holiday season, hinting that they expect a busy shopping season, according to new research from Indeed.com. Employers typically start posting jobs in September, although this year they began right after Labor Day. Holiday job postings typically peak in early November, said Indeed economist Daniel Culbertson.

    The ramp-up in hiring may be seem surprising given the troubles in the brick-and-mortar retail sector. Yet consumers haven't stopped shopping but are simply shifting their preferences to online merchants such as Amazon (AMZN) and snubbing department stores such as Sears (SHLD). Surprisingly, a few of the retailers hiring the most this holiday season aren't traditional holiday shopping destinations.

    "The main takeaway is that retailers of all types are gearing up for a strong holiday season," Culbertson said in an email.

    Amazon is among the top 30 retailers hiring holiday workers, but it doesn't make the top seven.

    "While Amazon is certainly hiring a great deal of seasonal workers, it's likely that many of those roles are for warehouse workers with similar roles," Culbertson said. "Amazon's appearance low on this list could be due to the use of one job posting to fill many similar positions, e.g., warehouse fulfillment associate."

    So how much do these jobs pay? Expect to earn between $11 to $14 an hour, Indeed said. Senior retail sales associates earn an average of $13.37 an hour, while retail assistant managers take home about $11.44 an hour, the researchers found.

    Read on to learn about the top seven retailers hiring this holiday season.