7 of the best cars for 2018

  • Audi

    Most car shoppers are looking for a vehicle that's stylish, drives well, is reasonably priced, has a good safety record and doesn't cost too much to own and drive.

    Kelley Blue Book has put together that combination in its awards for the best buys among 2018 models.

    "These are the vehicles that our experts believe to be the absolute best-value choices for new-car shoppers," said Karl Brauer, executive publisher of Kelley Blue Book.

    To pick the winners, Kelley analysts looked at pricing and transaction costs, expert and consumer reviews and its data on five-year cost to own (which includes depreciation, insurance, maintenance, financing and fuel costs).

    Kelley picked winners in 12 categories, and half were Hondas. Asked about this notable performance, Kelley Blue Book managing editor Jason Allan said: "This is a particularly strong year for Honda. By combining a proven track record and low ownership costs with several of the newest, most advanced, most efficient vehicles in several key categories, Honda claimed six of 12 segment awards."

    Read on for a closer look at some of Kelley's picks from Honda and other automakers in popular categories.

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