7 money myths about millennials

  • Jerry Koch Photography/iStockphoto

    By Valencia Higuera/GOBankingRates.com

    Just about everyone has an opinion about the millennial generation, which includes about 80 million people born between approximately 1982 and 2002. And opinions aren't all positive. If anything, millennials receive the baddest rap of all generations. Sure, they're a diverse, social and tech-savvy generation. But at the same time, there's no shortage of stereotypes attached to these young adults. They're often described as pampered, lazy and entitled. And, with regard to personal finances, many believe millennials don't have a firm grip on their money, largely due to present economic conditions.

    It's true that some millennials find it harder to save and balance their money in the aftermath of the recession, and many have been impacted by the lack of available jobs. But this doesn't mean the generation is financially doomed.

    In fact, research shows that many commonly held beliefs about millennials and their money just aren't true.

    Check out these millennial money myths.